(Liberal Bilingual University-Institute of Togo).


Institut Superieur Bilingue Libre Du Togo(IBLT) is a University established by a scholar and more than a decade University Administrator Dr. Peniel Danjuma AMANI on the 14th November 2010 in the Republic of Benin, first as a University Institute (Institut Universitaire Bilingue Rehoboth) and moved to Togo as full fledge university under strict regulation of Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Togo.

The University aims to become a citadel of knowledge based on the reflexes of research and professional training piloted by the Ćonseil African et Malgache pour I’Enseignement Supérieur’ CAMES, the body of Accreditation of Francophones Countries.

Institut Superieur Bilingue Libre du Togo(IBLT) was established to contribute through technical and professional training and scientific research, to the realization of expected results aimed at by African States come year 2020.

For decades, language of instruction and differences in education policies continue to breed disparities and constitute barriers to intellectual advancement and the march to African integration. For instance, countries on the Lagos-Abidjan corridor tat share strong ancestral ties seem far away from each other because of language barrier.  Many Universities and professional schools in Republic of Benin attempted to open and run English Department to dispense and lectures in English Language to students from Nigeria.  Thousands of students from Nigeria flood these schools but the results so obtained are not commensurate to the efforts and Togo has not experience this factor.  There are no such schools running Higher Education in English Language, Institut Superieur Bilingue Libre du Togo comes in at the right time.

It is our modest participation in the initiative of the private sector to take away the veil of the language barrier thus facilitates the free choice of movement of student within countries of Africa.  It is our determination to respond to the need of the African market in the key sector of economic and social activities by training the necessary personnel irrespective of their basic language of instruction.  The levels of competence required must be satisfied by adapted teaching ad certification based on the three classis exigencies: the learning, the knowledge, and the know-how.

Presently, IBLT maintained two Campuses in Togo: The Avepozo-Tropicana Campus and The Todman Campus, Lome